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To Be Frank is what happens when two chefs who love hot dogs and travel get creative with an american institution.

To Be Frank elevates the hot dog and its cousin, the sausage, to a place that'll leave you wondering, “Why didn’t Mom make hot dogs this good?” Well, was your mom a French-trained chef? Did she ever find herself in the middle of Basque country learning how to make the perfect Piperrada to put on your Basque chorizo dog? Or, taste dozens of hot dogs to find the juiciest one—a dog that snapped when you bit into it? Did Mom hunt down fermented Isaan sausage in Thailand and dream of how to bring it to the American plate? 


Jordan Camacho wanted to recreate the hot dogs he’s loved in his travels to places like San Sebastian and Germany. Trevor Garrett wanted to treat Las Vegas to the slightly sour goodness of Isaan sausage he tried in Thailand. The chefs spent evenings brainstorming over beers creating flavor profiles, like the Greek Dog, a Loukanika lemony-garlicky sausage topped with kalamata olive and tomato relish, creamy feta, parsley, and fried capers. One late, beer-fueled night, Run the Jewels blasting, Trevor blurted out:


“To Be Frank. That’s it, that’s the name.” 


Thus, To Be Frank was born. Jordan brought the dogs and concept to his sister, Riana, and the siblings (both principals in Sound Food Group LLC) convinced their mother and partner, Robin, that gourmet hot dogs were very much a thing. Having served her kids hot dogs with ketchup in their formative years, Robin was skeptical.


Then Trevor and Jordan started cooking.


To Be Frank marries fresh ingredients and perspective with the classic hot dog as well as sausages from around the world. Lobster roll-style buns are handcrafted every other day by a local baker and local ingredients are used whenever possible. After countless taste-testings, the chefs selected hot dogs and sausages from respected purveyors Nueske's, Olympia Provisions and a master chorizo-maker in Northern Nevada, known enigmatically as Pete.


To be perfectly frank, these aren’t your momma’s hot dogs.


Located inside Water Street's Sticks Tavern, To Be Frank operates as a ghost kitchen offering take-out and delivery. We’re bringing the best hot dogs in the Western Hemisphere right here to our Henderson community.


Frankly, we do give a damn.

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